What's this

This was a set challenge to improve visualisation of SNCF's freight network. We expanded this to future markets - Road, Sea and automation etc.


Makes freight logistics super easy for customers. They can see all routes available and all of the parameters required to make an informed decision seamlessly. In the future, they'll be able to book it too!

How we built it

Over a very long weekend in Javascript, a bit of Python and based on Google Maps API.


Dev team were not too familiar with Javascript. We initially wanted to use unity but we didn't have time in the end.


Creating a minimum viable product that sufficiently shows how the product will work. Really understanding the market we're working in and solving a real challenge for the industry.

What we learned

Do not use unfamiliar stacks in a hackathon. Focus on fewer points with a clearer output when pitching. Time goes quick.

What's next

After the pitch, we fully expect to be bought out by SNCF!

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