A social network with only hashtags and colours.

Users can pick a colour and a hashtag. The result makes for a simple yet powerful communication which is drawn out on a map of the Earth with a stunning result.

This should be a tool for anybody to easily and without any words to show their colours! Support a cause. Root for your home team. Express your mood in a colour. Leave a trail of colour behind you when you travel.

It can also display horrible events, like the outbreak of Ebola, civil conflicts and war.

Colours transcend language barriers.

This tool should be able to show "real time statistics" of current events in the likes of Hans Roslings presentations. You can get lost in the application just looking at the data.

  • With this tool a political leader should see his impact when a city he visits lights up in his colour.
  • A football match should see the arena light up in support of the two teams
  • Spontaneous referendums can occur on a specific hashtag

The simplicity of just having the user enter a hashtag + colour makes it very available. In the background geoposition is also extracted and added.

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