Inspiration: We were all taking online classes and were complaining about how boring it was. So we decided to make learning fun and engaging. A concept of how we, ourselves would like to enjoy a class.

What it does: Engages students in a 3D environment to promote learning through the use of visuals and movement

How I built it: Using C##, Unity, Blender, and Inventor

Challenges I ran into: Many errors from packages downloaded from an older version of Unity

Accomplishments that I'm proud of: We are proud of being able to add correct and pretty accurate textures to our objects and able to scale them accordingly.

What I learned: We as a team have been introduced to C##, Unity and Blender. Keep in mind that we had no experience with MR or game development.

What's next for A Class Room Out Of This World!!: We hope to expand this idea out to more schools and help them engage their students and keep them interested in learning for the future generations to come!

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