As a team we knew we wanted to make a game from the start. We came up with a concept where a player must change the background colors to help solve the puzzle, which inspired the chameleon main characters. This eventually turned into a somewhat platformer with puzzle color elements.

What it does

A Chameleon Colors is a co-op game where you and a friend must make it to the top of the screen to reunite the two chameleons. You can change the colors of the other person's background, making you able to pass through walls and platforms of the same color. A fun and simple game, you must work together to achieve your goal and win!

How we built it

Unity and C# in Visual Studio.

Challenges we ran into

It was difficult to figure out how to make two controllers work in unity simultaneously. Unity and Github do not mix well, especially when 2 team members have very limited Unity experience! Making walls/platforms be pass through-able when they are the same as the background color was a bit difficult to figure out.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We feel as though we made a unique game with a cute concept! The team is especially proud of how well we worked in Unity, despite two of the three team members having very limited experience. We are also proud to say that all artwork in the game is our own! Done by our lovely team member Audrey!

What we learned

How to import our own art into Unity. How collisions work in Unity. How to get two players on the same screen and playing at the same time. How to have controls be supported by both game controllers and keyboard.

What's next for A Chameleon Colors

Hopefully publishing the game in some way so our friends can play it! We are also currently working on an animated ending scene for when the Chameleons are reunited!

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