Checking my phone and remembering an app that tried to find your perfect TV series that you would deem your favourite.

What it supposed to do

You would answer a bunch of questions for the app to gauge what would be the idealised anime that you would enjoy the most.

How I built it

I built it with Anvil as I had learnt how to use it on the previous day.

Challenges I ran into

The fact that I am extremely incapable of coding in Python right now.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

That this project that I have made was on my own merit and with my own two hands.

What I learned

I have learnt that coding is a valuable and necessary skill to have if you want to do a solo project.

What's next for A.C.E (Anime Compatibility Exam)

The project will still be worked on after the hackathon as I intend to improve my understanding of coding and with my developing knowledge of coding I can develop this project as well.

Built With

  • anvil
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