The inspiration was that I wanted to make a timeline for personal uses on a daily scale with a beautiful and easy-to-navigate design. I made the overall design with big icons, shapes and bold fonts to make it easy to read.

What it does

It displays the schedule in a vertical timeline with distinctive icons representing events or schedules. It allows users to choose year and month to look at the schedule on a daily basis, and if a user wants to see a detail of a specific event, she/he can click and will find a neatly designed summary of the event.

How I built it

I made it with Marvel.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

There are two prototypes that are mobile and web. I am proud that I made their designs consistent.

What's next for A bright timeliner

I would like to develop this with actual coding, so that it can be published to be used by people.

For web: For mobile:

Built With

  • marvel
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