Who made the project

Alex Chen, CUNY Baruch, Senior, BBA Finance Alex Lai, CUNY Baruch, Senior, BBA Statistics


Mental health is an issue personal to both of us and is one that has grown during Coronavirus. It will continue to be an issue after, so we wanted to create a solution that would help tackle it.

What it does

We believe this is addressed throughout the video demo

How we built it

Using Bubble and PowerPoint

Challenges we ran into

Coming from business backgrounds, our lack of coding knowledge was our largest challenge. However, Bubble was a great no-code solution that helped us develop our product.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We're most proud of the pace at which we learned.

What we learned

We got some great exposure to Bubble and got to experience building/developing a product on our own.

What's next for your project

  1. More medical diligence to make sure we're asking the right questions
  2. Build a fully working version of the product
  3. Reach out to CUNY students and psychiatrists/counselors to test the product
  4. Further test/iterate
  5. Go to market by reaching out to psychiatrists and patients

Password to deck is cunyhackathon

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