A.BLE Airport Bluetooth Low Energy Navigation for All, Empowering All.

There are immense possibilities for us to increase the ease of accessibility of passengers. We all have been to airports, and have observed some of the shortcomings at the airport which can be supplemented by technology. One of the major problems that we face is Indoor Navigation. This has been a major problem for everyone who is not a frequent flyer. The details are not personlized and thus it is tiresome process. Also, there aren't any special facilities for the differently abled people so as to make them self reliant. When we saw these problems, we aimed to develop something that would change the conventional

Navigation through checkpoints is always a significant problem for not so frequent flyers. The hassle is aggregated for DIFFERENTLY ABLED PEOPLE, when safety comes into place, who have to rely on assistance of either any family member or airport/airline staff .

The dependence for navigation on airport personnel, is a cumbersome process. It is difficult for Differently Abled to determine their location if they want to. If they need any assistance, they cannot ask for it on their own. It is difficult to determine the number of passengers in the airport, hence the resources are not allocated efficiently.

We offer Indoor Navigation for all and by all, even differently abled are inclusive. We provide navigation by BLE, which are already being installed in various Airports. Navigation by Fully Voice enabled APP that can be used by pressing the volume buttons, to help the DIFFERENTLY ABLED people. Empowering Abled people, specially Visually Impaired by enabling them ask for help, by pressing Up Volume Button thrice. “Locate Me” or “Where Am I” voice command to get the present location details, including offers if there is a nearby retail store. Press 3 times Volume Button, and you will get assistance sent on your location itself. This will ensure the security of the people too. Beacon can be used to determine peak hours, and free hours so that the resources(Personnel) can be applied effectively.

The only challenge that is face is that if anything is proposed to install at the Airport, then it needs loads of permissions. Since, Beacons are already getting installed, we can use the opportunity. Hence, we targeted this tech.

The app proposed in front of the Airport Authorities, so that the accessibility can be achieved practically.

The Video and PPT link are shared in the google drive link added below.

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