It is an Online Appointment System for patients which will save's patient time. It will allow patients of ease access to take appointment time and date from doctors according to the doctors schedule through website and also from phone with the facility of responsive design. Patient will select the doctor according to doctors expertise of specific field. Doctor will approve reject the appointment of patient and can also cancel the appointment if the doctor is not available. After the cancellation of appointment, patient is informed through a proper appointment cancellation message on the patient cell. As it is medical related appointment system, so the patients who are registered with the doctor through our website can access their reports or history online. Doctors can schedule appointments and Prescribe medicine online as well as they have access to their profile. The prescribed medicine to the patient can be search through pharmacist online. Advantages: 1: Online ease accessibility. 2: Selection of doctors through various expertise. 3: Message alert of appointment status change. 4: Online data Storage. 5: Registering the licensed pharmacy with government to online medical appointment system. 6: Approved Doctors availability. 7: Government can know the ratio of diseases that outbreaks. 8: The government will be well aware of the pandemic that occurs. 9: Mobile Accessibility.

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