The most source of inspiration for me was my mother. I am really concerned about nutrition and I love to eat healthy food that gives my body the resources it needs to do its work properly and meet my life challenges and keeps me in good health. My mom is a doctor and then one day she decided to study nutrition as a specialty of her work, this step took its complete role in changing, it opens my knowledge widely and whenever we eat something, my mother as a form of memorising her study 😅, tells us the nutritional classification of food and its nutritional value. So , this helped me a lot developing my passion and getting more knowledge. Also, as a girl of 15 years of old, my mom was worried to see if I am underweight or normal and this is also an issue , because I am kind of slim, so she looked at the scientific equations in her book that measures the normal weight of people my age and gender. By the way I was at the nearest line to underweight but thanks god I was not 😂. And this reveals that this project is important for any person , as it was for me. So , I decided that if I could make it easier for people to know if they are normal and know the food resources they need without having someone to help because not all people have a specialist nutrition doctor in their house anyway.

What it does

The user enters his/her age, current weight, tall, determine the gender and choose a level of his/her physical activity ( this is chosen from 4 choices , sedentary, low active, active, and very active, which are determined by nutrition specialists all around the world. The project will first calculate the daily calories needed to maintain the user’s weight and the BMI( body mass index) and tells if the user is considered normal, underweight, overweight, obese etc. Then choose a list of the daily needs of the user from the different food resources(starch, vegetables, fruits, milk ,proteins, and fats) in terms of food servings. Then a list will be shown That have they change list of each food category from which the user will choose The food resource that he/ she has at home and the program will decrease the Number of necessary servings per day by one. This process is continued until there is no left servings to take, means that the user has completed his/ her daily need.

How we built it

I was actually very beginner with c# but I decided that this is going to be the language of my project , so I started learning from the internet, also , some friends of mine helped me in finding the internet resources that will help me. I started learning but didn’t have a lot of time anyway, then I began writing my project. Whenever I have an issue, I was trying to see some similar issues happened to people like me and look for my mistake.

Challenges we ran into

I was actually having a little time because I wasn’t knowing about the competition, I had to start learning from the whole begging and without any teacher. Also, because of some issues that I still don’t know why exactly they happened , I had to do my whole project again on another solution because my old solution wasn’t working no matter how I tried.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

I am so proud that I finished learning and doing my project by 13 days only and I can consider this unbelievable, also I had the time to make some designs to the Used Interface of my project.

What we learned

I learnt a lot from this work first that if I believe in myself I can create what I want second that even when there isn’t any form of constant support around you you can do what you want by your strong intention third always be part of something and participate and also I learned a lot more about my ability and knowledge.

What's next for A balanced diet

I am thinking of improving it by adding a lot more details and adding the newest studies there are some studies that measure the BMI for children under 16 years old regarding the growth factor also ,so I am trying to add that, and also I am thinking of adding more details of food supplies like those off vitamins and minerals by taking even more information about the user.

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