Mainly I thought the pun was quite funny. And I don't know about you all but my sitting posture is atrocious and I spend my waking hours staring at a computer.

What it does

Set a timer with a chrome extension that will pop open a new tab that will remind you to emerge from a hunchback state and do a few squats. Tensorflow models ensure that you're actually squatting through your webcam.

How we built it

Using javascript and Google's Teachable Machine, tensorflow, and P5 scripts.

Challenges we ran into

Overall, it was challenging to get started with making a google chrome extension and getting values to persist when opening multiple tabs. Training the model took a toll on my legs.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

I am proud of the javascript I was able to learn by looking through sample code and googling error messages. And I'm proud of the functional chrome extension produced.

What we learned

  • How chrome extensions are built
  • How training models work
  • My legs are weak

What's next for A Back End Developer

  • Being able to detect more than just squats
  • Automatic timer
  • Able to time screen activity versus just on google chrome

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