Every year more than 2 Million adverse events are recorded in the US alone. Adverse drug reactions(ADR) are the 4th largest cause of death for Americans (More than 126,000 people in 2016 alone) ahead of diabetes, pulmonary disease, and accidents. FDA estimates cost associated with ADR as USD 136 Billion/annually. It’s a complex and layered problem. Totally manual and time-consuming process, which follows complex reporting procedures and regulation (Faxes, Literature, Clinical Trails, Licensing Partners, Interviews, Social media mining).This makes it a perfect fit for automation.

What it does

The IP-BOT re-imagines the Adverse Event reporting process, making it simpler, more efficient, and automated. The solution augments human in helping him/her file adverse events on their behalf to pharmaceutical companies and health regulators.

How I built it

We have added new-age digital interfaces for reporting adverse events such as Kryon RPA, Computer Vision APIs, Amazon Alexa Voice Assistant,Google Dialog Flow Chatbot, and Python Scripts.

Challenges we ran into

As a team, we all agree our biggest challenge was to work remotely and stay connected to make sure that we develop this solution efficiently and in time. Our other challenge was to find and use the appropriate technologies to get the desired results. We tried multiple Computer Vision APIs by providers such as Microsoft, AWS, Google, Abbyy, etc. to arrive at a decision of using Google Vision API for this use-case.

What we learned

First, of all, we learned, working, and collaborating in this new normal. Probably, it was the first hackathon, that we participated in, remotely. It was difficult at times, but an enriching experience altogether. Secondly, we learned that the automation use cases are more obvious and evident than what we think them to be. At times, we are just stuck with point use cases that come from our client discussions and ignore the broader use cases that could have a much wider impact on society and business. Thirdly, RPA, along with other cutting-edge automation and digital transformation technologies, has great potential in improving business efficiency and also saving human lives.

What's next for IP-BOT

As new vaccines for Covid-19 are entering into the mass markets, there are high chances of people finding new side effects for these vaccines. We would like IP-Bot to help manage adverse event reporting for a few of the vaccines.

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