The Hackathon's timing was perfect because I was in the process of thinking about my business positioning and who my ideal client was. I realized I have worked with and enjoyed working with industrial businesses. So I wanted to attract and help more industrial companies with this theme.

What it does

This theme will help a manufacturer quickly build a website that follows best practices for inbound marketing, SEO, and usability. Because it's focused on the industrial vertical, it saves the user time by not having to think about what and how to use a template.

How I built it

I first started doing research looking at other industrial websites, looking for a common thread between them.

Next, I used Adobe XD to draft out the layout and experiment with color and fonts. I wanted the color scheme to be appropriate for machinery and darker industrial imagery.

Once I had a draft design, I cloned the HubSpot theme boilerplate and made sure to keep the structure as aligned to the boilerplate as possible. This will ensure my theme stays aligned with your knowledgebase and aid in customer support requests.

Challenges I ran into

The main challenge I faced was freeing up the time to work on it and getting past the mental blocks of feeling like I am not good enough. What helped me was to anchor in the design process. I knew if I genuinely had empathy for the target audience and did the research, my best work should be the by-product.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

For the past five years, I have done more development than design, and so my confidence level as a designer dropped. I am proud of this theme because it demonstrates design is a process, and I am proud of how it turned out. I am confident it will help people building their websites.

What's next for Industrial Pro HubSpot Theme

I am looking forward to having something that I can improve over time vs. completing a new build after new build. This theme is a hypothesis, so I am looking forward to getting feedback and seeing how this is received.

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