Every new day in lock down seems like a new challenge to cope up with the changed scenario. We wake up, take our phone and pass the whole day in our home mostly on social media. To keep up with the world almost all the educational institutions have come up with online classes. Online class requires a changed link to classroom for every session and every other subject. This is quite a tough job to handle for the class representatives to contact with the teacher for the link and also sending the class time and details to each and every student in a class containing a good number of students. So, we came up with the solution in messenger chat bot where students can know each update in the exact time, and it will reduce the hassle of the people in charge

What it does

Our Quarantine ClassBot eases the work of all the people related to online education system. This takes the routine of all the departments and all the levels and sorts it out. Thus, when someone of a specific department wants to know his schedule for the day , he can simply use our bot. At the same time, any important notice like the class got cancelled, rescheduled and so on will be sent to each student subscribed to the specific class. Our bot also provides Corona information of the country as well as the world daily so that people can get updated. Both the features are independent of each other.

How I built it

So, we made this messenger bot using Manychat and we used quick replies, one time notifications.

Challenges I ran into

While making this messenger bot, I was struggling with quick replies, but somehow we learnt it and it started working properly. Also, to make it more user friendly, we tried to use more key words so that an user gets a good response from the chat bot. While making this, we had to include more and more key words. Inclusion of one time notifications helped the bot run smoothly.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

After making this messenger bot, we felt relieved as it will help a lot of students in different institutions to know the update of their classes very easily. Since, it works as a reminder, it will remind the person about his/her class and there will be less hassle for an individual to ask for class links and routines to fellow classmates. It will make the student’s life easier.

What I learned

We have learnt many things while making this chat bot. We actually consulted with others and because of this brainstorming we could know more about our target group people which eventually helped us to generate this idea.

What's next for A

We will work more on this chat. We have a plan to include this with our institution officially, so that one can get 1. Class Routines 2. Lesson Plan 3. Practical Class Schedule 4. Exam Schedule 5. Lecture Notes easily by giving a single message in this messenger bot.

Built With

  • manychat
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