Pilgrims in many places could lose one of his/her friends or family member, or miss way to get back to campaign, also the languages is one of the most common problem so the pilgrims can't ask about anything, also if any problem happens not easy to find emergency numbers. so we Decide To Start "Hajj Watch".

What it does

Hajj Watch has many features as: 1- Navigate pilgrims with best way to list of important places. 2- notify pilgrims if there is any problem or crowded in the way. 3- translate pilgrims speech to Arabic lang in realtime. 4- Train boarding one of Hajj Watch feature

How we built it

we are building the project in Android Studio because it's compatible with Android wear OS and it's open source, so in the feature we can build our own watch.

Challenges we ran into

we ran into many Challenges in which platform should we develop the Project the after days of searching we have chose Android wear OS as mention above and many more.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

we are proud of developing the first prototype that can explain full features of The "Hajj Watch".

What we learned

we have learned how to deal with Google Cloud Speech Recognition and Translation, also Google Map Platform.

What's next for A-086 Hajj Watch

We think we will complete our project and we will do more work on the business side so the pilgrims can have really good experience in the Hajj.

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