As students ~dying~ in programming labs, we are always debugging and checking differences between our output and the solution. diff is a powerful command line tool to do this. But its outputs is......quite enigmatic.
unreadable_diff This isn't even the worst part. Making the test cases themselves can take so many days. How can you guarantee that you checked for all the corner cases? So we thought, what if we could put together all the test cases that every person made, and have a beautiful UI to show differences between output files? So, here's to my poor Reversi AI and to whoever thought using automarkers alone to mark coding assignments is fair.

What it does

The front page of Codecker shows all the courses we currently support. It's easy to search, add courses, edit their descriptions, and delete them. landing Similarly, within each class, the administrator can add assignments with a zip file for download and the expected output. The zip file contains the test case and a .bat file that helps compile and run the program. addlab

How we built it

Yvonne wrote the batch script to compile programs and generate an output file. Jack handled the backend of the website, with Restful Routing and the database (MongoDB). Grace worked on the frontend of the website, the logo and directed our demo videos.

Challenges we ran into

Writing an algorithm to compare two files in Javascript was the biggest challenge. We had to research and use open source code to our aid.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Having a fully functioning website! The UI is gorgeous and all of the basic features are implemented, too.

What's next for >_codecker

Deploying codecker to be used by students, additional features, finding administrators to manage the database and the website, and touching up on the UI to make it look even nicer.

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