In my daily experience in Subway I struggle again and a again with not knowing the right subway exit for a certain destination. We found a lot of Forums who talked about it and already wrote to Google. Since nothing changed we knew we have to hack it.

## What it does No matter how you got to the subway station, using the right exit reduces the time to get from a to b a lot. We provide a platform to replace inaccurate GPS coordinates with exact coordinates. For an easier and quicker navigation to not lose time anymore.

## How we built it We build a database with correct GPS coordinates replacing the wrong ones. Then we developed an IBM cloud based service to return automatically the right exit for subway stations.

## Challenges we ran into

  • building the database
  • integrating with google maps app and local app.

## Accomplishments that we are proud of Having a fun night and focusing on the challenge even when tensions got higher.

## What we learned Felix used IBM Bluemix the very first time. Even when we are only able to publish the MVP it was a lot of fun to first touch Bluemix.

## What's next for __AlpineHacks Make Subway driving great again! We believe using the Subway can be a lot more fun with the right tools. We will persue data products for Subway navigation.

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