As Instargram stories are booming, many publishers and copy writers want to promote their content in it. But the process of creating a nice looking story from an article published on you website can be a real pain. Not even talking about publishing 4 articles a day.

What it does

9stories streamlines the workflow of creating eye-catching stories from articles. Easily paste desired URL and we will understand your article and what's important in it. 9stories will then create a template of your story along with suggestions of keywords you should use and images that are already cropped to show only the important stuff.

How it's done

  • Fetching the URL and extracting the article from the website
  • Analyzing the text with Google Cloud Natural Language and generating keywords
  • Checking what's important in the images and cropping them with Imagga
  • Analyzing the background color with Imagga of the image article to create a story background
  • Displaying the elements in the web app so you can finalize the Story
  • Publishing it to Instragram stories through the Instagram API

Challenges we ran into

  • We had to put together a lot of small components so the tool could run
  • Understanding & hacking the Instagram API

Accomplishments that we're proud of

  • Building "whole product" in just 24 hours

What's next for 9stories

Adding all the native features of Instagram stories (polls, places, gifs, etc...) and expanding the tool so brands and retailers can use them for promoting their stuff in stories.

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