For this hackathon, we decided to create a program that we and our fellow high school students could use on a daily basis. Our school board, like many other boards in Ontario, is obliged to give segmented marks for any assignment, quiz, or test. All subjects have different mark weightings for each subject, thus it takes a student quite a long time to calculate their final mark. We wanted to automate this process and make it faster for a student to calculate their final mark.

What it does

This website is able to recognize the course the user is calculating the mark for, and use that information to adjust the mark weightings and give the user their final mark based on inputted segmented mark values.

How we built it

We built this website using HTML, Javascript and CSS.

Challenges we ran into

The team was not very experienced with styling, thus it was hard for us to figure out ways on how to make the website look visually appealing.

What we learned

Our team gained experience with CSS styling which allowed us to make a beautiful website while having the same amount of functionality. We also learned that teamwork is key for completing tasks skillfully and efficiently.

What's next for (95 || "nah");?

We plan on advertising and promoting it within our high school because we know that many people will want to calculate their final mark faster using this website. Also, we are planning to develop it into an android & iOS application for portability & offline access.

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