Inspiration We wanted to build an app that can help people going through severe medical issues and can make their 911 call streamlined and efficient.

What it does It stores a patients medical data and when going through a crisis, they would press the 911 button , which saves them hastle of dialing 911, and all the medical data would be sent to the 911 medical centre and to the next of kin.

How we built it We decided to build a Minimal Viable Product (MVP) of the idea and have a basic web app and a back end that would talk to a firebase database to fetch and retrieve data and send the data to a Twilio api that would make phone calls to the 911 call centre as well as send messages to the next of kin.

Challenges we ran into We had a lot of difficulty learning new frameworks that we found difficult, let alone build something with it . Due to time constraints , we had to build a basic web app and had to learn node js and firebase as well the twillio api.

Accomplishments that we're proud of We never expected ourselves to build an app that can send messages to phones in real time.

What we learned node js firebase and leanring through googling and on the spot.

What's next for 911 ASAP implement more features such as contacting security services, veterinian healthcare, and other such situations that would people's live on the edge.

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