Inspired by the American Express challenge to redesign a modern website as if it were made in the 1990s.

What it does

It's the Porticode website, but the information is deliberately less helpful and some of it is changed to make it more in keeping with the era, for example the Intro to GitHub workshop is replaced with a workshop called Intro to Microsoft Visual SourceSafe. It also deliberately encourages bad software development practice, such as hardcoding information instead of making responsive websites, and using group email instead of a version control system (although this does contradict with the advocation of Microsoft Visual SourceSafe)

The layout of the website uses as many visual effects and animations as possible, and these are deliberately inconsistent.

The source code is also very badly laid out, with almost no formatting, and a mixture of CSS stored in different files and embedded inline with the HTML. The JavaScript code is all stored in the HTML files.

How I built it

Using Javascript, jQuery, CSS and HTML in Notepad++. A version control system was not used because that's good software development practice, which is a bad idea when making a 90s website.

Challenges I ran into

The version of the website I had locally on my laptop had elevator music playing as well as a dial-up sound, but this file was too large to be uploaded to the server.

On the welcome screen, there is an animation that makes the website appear as if it is loading slowly over a dial-up connection. The original idea was to have this on every screen, but I could not find a way to make the animation play only once, so the entire content of the screen disappears after about 30 seconds. The rationale for keeping this on the welcome screen was that this screen is only going to be displayed for a few seconds anyway before the user continues through to the main website.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

What I learned

Surprisingly, I actually learnt a lot about CSS and front-end web design as I usually just copy it all off someone else or use a Bootstrap template, whereas this time I actually wrote the code myself.

What's next for 90sPorticodeWebsite

Who knows :3

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