Our Inspiration

We set out to build a project with no social purpose, no greater meaning, and no functionality except to degrade user experience. Our modus operandi? Making every website you visit incredibly ugly and essentially unreadable. Who doesn't need more Geocities in their life?

What it does

Our Google Chrome Extension injects CSS and JavaScript into each webpage you visit, setting a different vintage Geocities-style background, awful font, and annoying marquee every time you refresh.

How we built it

We learned how to build and develop Google Chrome extensions, then used our rudimentary knowledge of CSS and JavaScript to build styles and randomize them.

Challenges we ran into

Many times we stopped and thought, "is this a waste of time?" Without fail, the answer was "yes, but it's fun."

Accomplishments that we're proud of

  • Gave mentors headaches
  • Successfully utilized dancingbaby.gif
  • Appeased the elder gods of tacky design

What we learned

The real devpost submission was the friends we made along the way.

What's next for 90s Web

It's far from done - we're going to continue working on it until it works on every website (some websites' html/css are incompatible and we do not know why) and to make the most authentic 90's user experience.

Is this all a big joke to you?

Sort of, but so is life. So.

How to try it out

  1. Download the 90sweb-sundayfinal.zip file from the GitHub or Dropbox link, or from the attached file
  2. Unzip it
  3. Open chrome://extensions/
  4. Drag the whole folder into the Chrome Extensions window (make sure "enabled" is checked)
  5. Navigate to your favorite websites
  6. Have Tylenol on hand for eye strain headaches

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