A love of alexa and 90's movies.

What it does

A movie trivia game that gives a short plot of a movie then you guess the movie title. The premium content includes unlimited hints, in game rewards such as badges when a milestone is reached and stats.

How I built it

A standard alexa skill build with C# running in a aws lambda connecting to dynamodb including the use of alexa APL (presentation layer) for graphics on a device that supports apl.

Challenges I ran into

Most challenging was getting data to support the trivia.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Cranking out a new skill that is fun to play and very nostalgic and able to integrate ISP into the game.

What I learned

How many 90's movie that I haven't seen in awhile ;)

What's next for 90's Movie Trivia

Currently the game has season 1 which includes 100 movies, gonna add another seasons worth of trivia and new rewards.

Built With

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