What it does

Ninety Day Knowledge is a trivia challenge for fans of the very popular, guilty pleasure television franchise Ninety Day Fiancé. Like the TV show it is inspired by, players are challenged to successfully complete a ninety journey. Players must rely on their familiarity with the shows characters to advance as. well as overcome obstacles that present themselves.

How I built it

Ninety Day Knowledge was developed using the ASK-CLI and leverages Dynamo DB for persistence. APL and APLA are used to enhance the user experience, although initial the skill was full fleshed out for headless devices to guarantee it is truly a voice-first experience.

Challenges I ran into

The full scope of implementing and APLA was a challenge. All the places and condition it needs to be accounted for, tested and debugged took much more time that I had thought and I found myself needing to tighten the scope of some of my original ideas.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

I think I created a fully realized voice experience from start to finish and that the APLA seamlessly enhances that experience.

What I learned

This was my first shot or working with APLA and I was admirably intimidated at first as I wasn't sure where to start or exactly how it first in to the Alexa development process. But after stumbing around a bit I think I did a decent job taking advantage of what APLA can add to An Alexa Skill.

What's next for Ninety Day Knowledge

Ninety Day Knowledge seems like the perfect skill to have a leaderboard, which has always been part of the plan. Also, as Ninety day with international relationships I think it would be fun like to play with polly voices and accents to enhance the experience. I would, also like to add animations to the APL as well once time allows.

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