The origins of 9 Lives Trivia is rooted in a variety of inspirations. From a creative perspective, it’s the interactive television scene in Fahrenheit 451 and the 1990’s board game Atmosfear. From a business perspective, it’s combining the proven success of trivia games on Alexa with the shift happening towards screen-enabled voice experiences. That’s not just from Amazon, but a variety of competitors and media content providers alike. As well, we’ve seen a considerable spike in both video game and board game sales during the pandemic. 9 Lives Trivia is well positioned to capture the interest of both audiences.

What it does

9 Lives Trivia continues the enduring tradition of trivia games, while delivering something uniquely relevant to this moment in time and technology. It is a multimodal game show controlled by your voice, starring you and your family and friends as the contestants. Designed for your Amazon smart display or Alexa enabled TV, playing 9 Lives Trivia couldn’t be easier. Just answer the host’s multiple choice trivia questions out loud. Get a question wrong and you lose one of your 9 lives. Lose all 9 lives and it's game over. Outlast your friends and family in multi-player mode, or compete in single player for a spot on the worldwide leaderboard. Featuring a variety of popular trivia subjects ranging from sports to Broadway. With hundreds of questions included and more being added each week, you’ll never play the same game twice. Try the demo today and expect the full version in time for the holidays.

How we built it

After studying the basic format of popular TV game shows, we shot some rough footage and designing a basic happy path prototype to better test and visualize the concept. Once a framework was in place, we wrote, shot and edited hundreds of video clips and spent countless hours developing the gameplay and aesthetics to ensure the best user experience. We also hired a variety of freelancers for animations, music and voiceovers to polish the final product.

Challenges we ran into

Both the video production and skill development for 9 Lives Trivia began at the start of October. That's made for an incredibly tight turnaround on an ambitious project. At first, we planned to have the full game completed for the November 17 APL contest deadline. We've since decided to release a demo version of the game in time for the deadline and concentrate on a full release in time for the holidays (December 2020). It was initially a disappointing realization. But thinking long-term, it will ensure a better quality product and more thoughtful launch.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Taking an ambitious concept from idea to reality in a matter of weeks. In the process, figuring out paths and procedures to ensure future development and content production is consistent and efficient.

What we learned

With enough teamwork, determination and coffee...anything is possible.

What's next for 9 Lives Trivia

We'll be releasing the full version of 9 Lives Trivia in December. This will be available to players as an ISP subscription, unlocking hundreds of questions along with 9 new questions added every week. 9 Lives Trivia’s weekly updates will be themed to optimize replayability. Themes will be curated to match seasonal holidays, popular events and cultural moments, allowing the game to remain timely and receptive. Subscribers will also receive additional content through paid partnerships and other promotional crossovers. The concept of 9 Lives Trivia has the potential for infinite expansion. This includes versions in other languages supported by Alexa, a kids version and specialty versions. Along with merchandise and limited edition items.

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