1. About Energy8 The Energy8 project pursues an ambitious goal — uniting the fascinating world of games and the progressive technologies of the blockchain industry.

The main task of the project is implementation of cryptocurrency and NFT deposit/withdrawal systems into any existing Web2.0 game. Our Energy8 Cryptocurrencies Bridge solution works using a decentralized game node system, based on Proof-Of-Stake mechanism.

  1. About game nodes What is a game node system?
  2. Game nodes benefits There are important advantages of using a game node system:
  3. Decentralization - The system operation depends on agents that process transactions, which means the system doesn’t have an owner. The Energy8 project is moving towards full decentralization, when the functional working of its network will depend on the system of game nodes and validators of the main network, using POS mechanism.
  4. Security - During token deposit/withdrawal to/from game servers, the game nodes check all the necessary conditions for the transaction, which well increases the system security without creating unique addresses and other operations.
  5. High transaction speed - Due to the huge amount of servers and players, the system of game nodes will operate at high speed, as a huge count of agents will process transactions.

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