Life is full of questions that I, as a college student have no clue how to answer. How in the world do I file taxes? Will I ever learn? Is the test impossible or did I not study enough? What is the answer to life the universe and everything? (Sources claim 42 but I'm not convinced). Will I ever be able to get a dog?

These questions can become pretty overbearing at times, so instead of overthinking myself into oblivion and crying in a corner for a couple of hours, I've decided to create a short funky little code that gives me an answer to whatever question I have on my mind. I've created an oracle.

What it does

The magical 8 ball oracle is a program with the answer to all of life's mysteries. It prompts you to tell it your name and ask it a question, after which you will get a randomized answer. Once your question has been answered, it will ask if you want to ask it another and repeat the whole process until you decline the offer. After you decline, the magical oracle will send you off into the world a revolutionized, enlightened, transcended human.

How I built it

I simply used VS Code to write and edit my code in a python file.

Challenges ran into

I had a bit of a hard time creating a program you could ask more than one question to after starting it, but I soon found a way around it using while loops. It was fun to figure out.

What's next for 8 Ball Gaming

Perhaps a new clothing line for humans or starting an Instagram where the oracle can showcase the life of an omniscient machine carrying the knowledge of the world on its shoulders. Maybe also get a linked-in to find a job and start properly profiting from her heard-earned worldly knowledge. The world is her oyster. Who knows what comes next.

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