The sudden increase in stress, health-related problems, and pollution make us think to show the importance of health and fitness to the people. This is the need of an hour and everyone should think that there is something which is above all luxurious things, that is HEALTH.

We thought of the ways we can come together to focus on fitness from our busy lives. Ideas came one after another from our team members and we were fast to implement them.

What it does

7Fit is a multi feature website.

Through our various features, we try to motivate people towards fitness.

The first feature is FitWall where people who have undergone fitness transformation can share their transformation stories and progress pictures. They can motivate others to do the same.
Fitness transformation inspire other people that getting fitter is possible and doable.

People can upvote the transformation stories if they want to. It is connected to database.

The second feature is Blog where fitness enthusiasts can write blogs related to fitness and health. It could be anything whether it is their personal Diet plan or their daily routines. This helps everyone get knowledge and ideas.

The next feature is to Challenge your friend. Fitness get interesting when your peers get involved. You can challenge your friends with challenges in our website using a message feature that we integrated through Twilio API

The next and last feature is Workout Motivation, Through this feature a user can take motivation for fitness. For this, we added AR models, Youtube Videos, and inspirational quotes.

How we built it

The whole project is built using the MERN stack (MongoDB, ExpressJS, ReactJS, NodeJS). We have handled images using Multer in the backend. For SMS we have used Twilio API. For Authentication we have used auth0 since it takes very less time.

We divided the work among all our team members and fixed deadlines. This made creating this big websites convenient as well as interesting.

Challenges we ran into

--> The website has lot of features so we had limited time for every feature. So we faced difficulty while handling images, authentication etc. but we overcame every obstacle.
--> We face many challenges in integrating Twilio API. After much bug fixing we did it.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

The very first accomplishment that we are proud of is that we did this project in the given timeline and completed it before the deadline. We added all the features which we think before starting this project. We have created something that is very useful in present time.

What we learned

--> Using Twilio API, Auth0 etc.
--> Using Multer to handle images. Storing images in the backend and retrieving them in the frontend.
--> Creating good UI with ReactJS

What's next for 7Fit

->We think to add more features in our FitWall section like comments where a user can communicate directly with the author.
->We think of making a mobile app for this website.
--> We also plan to make a discord-like application using Twilio API where people from various parts of the city can join the server and post regarding their transformation stories.

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