We all have experienced the hardship when one of our relatives or friends face an accident whilst being alone. To fight the lack of time when an emergency is inbound; we created SPEC. An integral system which focuses on alerting close friends, relatives and health services that a person in danger needs when an accident happens.

What it does

SPEC sends an emergency broadcast to desired people in case of health issues. It transmits a Bluetooth signal to a receiver which connects to a server that sends the call of emergency to specified users (hospitals, friends, family) of the user in danger.

How we built it

According to the architecture we designed our project was built above a variety of platforms wich half of them lay on hardware and the rest on software. The development process was divided into two parts to maximise the use of resources in each area. Part A: We split into two sub-teams, one of whom built the hardware part and the other subteam developed the software and database. Part B: After we were done with part A, we merged our parts in order to create a whole with the help of different communication protocols

Challenges we ran into

ATtiny serial communication had variations with it's frequency. Fire Base database was hard to implement with the android app. Raspberry Pi server faced several issues with its communication with peripherals (bracelet and app). Although we had lots of problems, we managed to solve them on time acting as a team.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Development of a complete IoT project (joint between hardware, software, and a database). Creation of an IoT protocol at the application level. The creation and management of cloud databases.

What we learned

We learned that IoT is harder than we thought because many of the protocols and infrastructure are not documented and rely on the administrator itself.

What's next for 77 - SPEC

Validation of button triggers.

Adition of more sensors to the bracelet so the user can have a better protection.

Creation of a personalized customer service in order to detect neglected calls and improve the efficiency of the system, which might grow into a machine learning operational center that detects whenever a user is at risk.

Bracelet will be customizable depending on the implemented environments, for example besides implementing it in a house it could be implemented in a hospital where the bracelet might be waterproof, sterilized, customizable and Bluetooth dependent in order to provide better quality service and protection to the users.

Implementation of Kerberos as our security protocol.

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