Can AI Bring back old-gone artworks, paintings, manuscripts, voices, cities, cultures -- other forms of life -- ,,, second inspiration was Personal Challenges faced as an Artists,, Missing traditional art... What if we could have an additional intelligent arm to an artist… An additional tool-kit / endless use cases that has endless possibilities for the art-world.. recreate old-gone artworks, surprise us with future-ready imaginations, re-creates old cities, cultures,

What it does

Dictates speech recognition like SIRI / ALEXA / GOOGLE HOME , texts and It Assists an artist, creates unlimited art / design - outputs and applications.

Stand-alone app / platform for designers and artists ( ex: runwayml )

Additional Robotic arm to start or finish the painting based on artists persona / style / mood etc.

How did we built it

We are using python coding language from scratch

We Bought a Robo Arm from Amazon, Terminal of Raspberry Pie Toolkit, CNN Machine Learning Engine.

We are building AI-App and a robo arm that would learn and understand the style of the artist, his/her style , smart device ( voice / search data / results / knowledge / social feeds ) etc.

Then when the Artists inputs a feed either by voice / text / camera / video / image , the robot makes a real art-piece on a surface ( paper / canvas / ipad / tablet etc ) .. it starts or finishes a painting based on the data & algorithms our machine..

Challenges we ran into

  • concluding and choosing 1 idea, we had over 10 ideas that has potential.
  • WIFI at the venue SUUCKS
  • Technical support from the venue SUCKS
  • we wasted 4 hours waiting for battery ( and we went out to get it. )

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

  • tested to do the artwork for me without the artists input based on his style.
  • tested the robot to do basic inputs like "draw a line on the canvas".
  • tested few scripts we created for photoshop to mimic the artists style - to be later converted into an app ## What I learned
  • its the future of art.

What's next for 73_Art Intelligence

  1. Make a stand-alone platform for art-lovers to play , experiment and explore their ideas

  2. A Robotic arm created to help Pro-artists that could be used to create actual art pieces on any surface ( wood / stone / canvas / paper / fabrics / ipad,tablets / etc ).

.. Requires a lot of learning, training, investment, collaborate with experts, develop libraries and add more data to our platform..

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