6th through 8th grade math are in a critical path to a student's success in high school, college and career.

(6x+7)^8, aka 6X plus 7 to the power of 8, combines all middle school’s math in one convenient app. Students should learn how their effort in 6th grade math will be magnified in future rewards. With engaging guidance, seventh grade math becomes entertaining and adventurous. When they enter the 8th grade, they learn to apply their learning, to analyze and identify the patterns, to breakthrough the conventional, and to create their own curriculum. When that is accomplished, the knowledge suddenly grows exponentially.

Now, how can a simple app achieve this enormous task? Here’s how:

  1. This app pairs cognitive rigor to the learning task. From memorization, to understanding, to application, to analysis, to evaluation, to the ultimate - creation. This is not theory.
  2. The app inspires thinking critically and encourages collaboration among fellow students, teachers, parents, and peers.
  3. Inspiration and creativity can only be efficient and productive when it is measured against the highest standard - Common Core State Standards, adopted by 45 States in the U.S. All contents are initially aligned with the Common Core. It will be served as a springboard to innovative ideas and new applications.
  4. From classroom, to living room, from indoors to outdoors. The app encourages students to take intellectual risk, hence personal excellence. How do you recognize a child’s intelligence in math? Through multiple aspects – logical, spatial, linguistic, kinesthetic, musical, interpersonal, intrapersonal, and naturalistic. Math is not a science, it is a pattern, a universal language. This app is built to allow them to uncover these intelligences.

Here is a simplified list:

  1. Six Domains, 116+ lessons to define the 6th, 7th, and 8th grade math, crafted to remove the fear of unknown
  2. 1,000+ lessons will be available for unlimited download via cloud. These lessons will be created by expert teachers, subject matter experts, and innovators by the end of 2013.
  3. Build unlimited lessons and to design curriculum with creative tools. Freedom to share with 1, 20, or all.
  4. Ability to connect to K-5 math, to review and to catch up. Connect coherently to high school level math, Algebra, Functions, Number & Quantity, Geometry, and Statistics.
  5. Create "think-out-loud" lessons with stroke by stroke playback, math tools, images, and audio. Images can be moved, scaled, and rotated. Students can interact with the lessons with or without a timer.

We believe that Middle school students deserve the best.

(6x+7)^8 Power Math - We Build Confidence!

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