6uddy 5system is inspired by two problems that the elderly face: they don't have a supportive community and they don't exercise as often. This lead to a lower quality of life in the long term. We created something to fix that.

What it does

Our iOS application uses exercise as a precondition for matching users on the platform with each other. Users can create/signup with an account, track their medication in the platform, and after they exercise by walking around with the app, are matched with other users who they can have fun conversations with, bringing both physical and emotional health benefits.

How We built it

We built our application in Swift and integrated some features from Twilio for anonymous peer to peer calling.

Challenges We ran into

We couldn't implement a backend server in time, so had to hardcode some data.

Accomplishments that We're proud of

We're very happy with our intuitive user interface and custom components/animations.

What We learned

It's hard to build a fully functioning application.

What's next for 6uddy 5ystems

  1. Building out the backend system to match users with each other
  2. Tracking user walking through GPS

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