My partner and I love to play sports. Naturally, we are upset when we're ready to play however can't find people to play with.

What it does

For the problem described above, we decided to create an incentive-based game organizing platform.

The idea with this is to have users of the platform post a challenge (such as a 1 v 1 basketball match at the local park) for players within the same relative location to view and accept.

What makes this more attractive than traditional ways of organizing is that RivalWe offers the option of placing a bet on your win. In other words, you and the other player(s) can put in a pool, for example, $5 each. The winner receives the pool of funds deposited (and our application takes a transaction fee for acting as an escrow service). This is different from gambling as it relies on skill rather than chance.

In case of disputes, we have our standard procedure to resolve them.

How we built it

Using StdLib, we powered our backend. Using PLAID and HERE API's we powered our payment processing and maps respectively. For the frontend, we used React and Materialize CSS.

Challenges we ran into

Connecting Firebase with StdLib was a major challenge. On the first day, 2 of our group members left so we had to account for carrying out the tasks that were assigned to the others.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Learning about the Standard Library, making beautiful design using Materialize, pulling through despite the slight setbacks.

What we learned

StdLib, HERE API, PLAID API, Materialize CSS, 2-factor authentication using Twilio.

What's next for

Commercialization. We are affiliated with a University of Toronto accelerator program, which we intend to bring this forward to.

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