The team is formed by people from two cities far from Monterrey. They struggle at first trying to get to know the city and relevant places near from them, such as restaurants, laundry services, banks, etc. Also, keeping a track of school projects, homeworks and activities in general, was a challenge while living at their own for the first time.

What it does

Deploys the tasks of different classes with its due date, the next class of the current day and a map with a search bar to look up for relevant places.

How we built it

It's built with web technologies, HTML, CSS, SASS, JS, Node.js and Mongoose.

Challenges we ran into

Dealing with the APIs was the most difficult task, also the authentication was a total challenge.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

A functional register capability and a map with a search box.

What we learned

The right usage of APIs, and how to integrate them in a system.

What's next for [69] - VidaTec

Keep developing the team's skills and improve step-by-step the current application, with the purpose of practicing to produce something much better for the next hackathons, since this is the team's first hack!

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