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What it does - detects immobility and intervenes to reduce response time in emergencies following accidental falls in senior citizens.

How I built it - android, uses a Service, with inexact repeated scheduling every 15-30min, to ensure minimum battery usage vs monitoring trade-off

Challenges I ran into - writing the code to run the program in the background on the android operating system, ensuring minimum battery life, and also configuring the output for large throughput testing, and finally implementing the algorithm. Tired, at the end, slowed us down.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of - practical (battery-efficient) algorithm for detecting immobility on a smartphone platform, with the given constraints of real effects on the accelerometer hardware, and necessary noise reduction schemes in the algorithm.

What I learned - fewf, don't get me started. i'm going to build on a bunch of android apps, and hopefully continue this, with the ultimate goal of learning about the challenges of engineering in software/android/m-health

What's next for Alert65 - ui decisions for beta release in the android marketplace

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