We wanted to address a problem that is stigmatized across the world - Loneliness. Many people are lonely but too ashamed or afraid to talk about it. Furthermore, when people mention that they are meeting friends online, they are questioned about having ulterior motives. Our name 60hours comes from a study that shows it takes on average 60 hours for a new acquaintance to be considered a friend. To bridge the gap, we are making an app that is a digital hub for you to share activities and moments with someone new, or deepen your connection with current friends. We want to be the driving force of an ever-evolving digital population

What it does

Encourages deeper connection by prompting users to participate in activities together for at least 60 hours. Our collection of activities ranging from movies to online shopping to video games, bringing the world to your own room with a single link. Our core goal is to help you build deeper connections; our five friends feature allows these strong connections to flourish. This feature allows you to only have 5 pending friends at a time to force these strong connections. After a connection of yours has reached the friend status, you are given another opportunity to make another strong connection. But don’t forget to maintain friends you’ve already made! Inviting them to watch a movie or perhaps playing a game of Dota 2 keep the friendship growing.


This project was created with high technical analysis and making sure the overall infrastructure would be optimal if pushed into large scale production. We followed the design protocol first by identifying the problem, user groups, and creating mockups before starting development work. In terms of the technical stack, we used python as the backend language: mainly using the flask framework. For the frontend, we used jinja to dynamically render the pages with HTML, CSS, and Javascript for styling, and page content.


A lot of research was done to ensure our UI promotes social activity and engages users so they can easily reach their goal of 60 hours to become friends. However, designing a UI to do that proved to be challenging.

What's next for 60hours

This interface can even be modified to be more elderly-friendly, which can be beneficial in connecting seniors living alone. We have yet to implement the messaging functionality, which is further to be developed in the coming release.


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