Project: 6 feet Social Distance Enforce using Depth Camera AI

This project is a social distancing monitor which visually alerts people when they are not observing proper social distancing guidelines. We are using Linux Ubuntu with Intel DS435i Realsense camera, Nvidia GPU, connect with Google Cloud AutoML Vision.

Display circle red if people are too closed Green circle displays if more than 6 feet .

This application uses the Robot Operating System (ROS) as the underlying framework for runtime, launch, and configuration.

Ubuntu 18.04 Other operating systems may also work, but exposing the RealSense camera USB. Thus, a Linux OS with native Docker support is recomended.

An Nvidia GPU

We recommend a GTX 1070 or better CUDA 10.0 or greater: An Intel DS435i Realsense camera Other models may work, but this is the only model that was tested docker-ce Tested on Docker 19.03, but older/newer versions may work nvidia container toolkit

Intel RealSense SDK

Built With

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