It all started yesterday...

I was at Walmart, and it was crawling with shoppers. All those potential cases that I could come into contact with, all those products that they potentially touched or coughed on... I was scared for my life. I thought to myself, people need to learn to stay at home.

BUT QUARANTINE IS BORING! ...not anymore though....

What if there was a game that is as fun as it is educational about the COVID-19 Pandemic that also promotes social distancing and other infection-prevention techniques.

Don't go outside! Play a game that simulates the stress and anxiety of being outside by playing as a person inside the most hectic of places right now instead: the grocery store.

We built it by first figuring out all the classes and splitting up the work.

Making this project, me and my team learned to use the Greenfoot IDE and basic Java. We learned the essentials of basic team work and planning.

Many challenges we faced involved communication. We all had a different idea of how the game would look like and it was hard to work together. But in the end, we pulled through.

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