5x Margin Tool that we develop is designed as a gas-effective, under-collateralized protocol for margin trading and yield farming purposes. It provides LPs with a good chance of earning high APY and traders with a convenient virtual account that offers 5x leverage trading options.

What it does

A virtual account provides access to a list of allowed pools on the most popular decentralized exchanges (Uniswap, SushiSwap, 1inch), where traders can buy & sell any asset. They are also welcome to use funds for whitelisted yield farming projects. There is no open access to the funds as they are safely kept in the Margin Tool contracts.

Already completed:

Chosen concept Structured team of developers, designers, managers and marketing strategists Structured Design & Visualisation of 1st and 2nd version Mechanizm for shadow staking of native token Development smart-contracts of liquidity pool 0.1.0 Development smart-contracts of opening leverage position 0.1.0 Connection of Deposit/Withdrawal interface Ability to add collateral to a position Integration with Chainlink

Coming Soon: Trader / Keeper margin call service Feature for custom choice of leverage size x2 - x5. V0.73 version with integration of 2 simple strategies: buy/long and sell/short V0.75 version - permissionless pools V0.77 version - farming with leverage

We'll sure succeed in completing the milestoned assigned in the roadmap. And we will do our best to make 5x Margin Tool a great project and contribute to the developmentin of the crypto space.

Built With

  • apis
  • cloud-services
  • databases
  • frameworks
  • platforms
  • react
  • rust
  • solidity
  • web3
  • web3js
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