The idea of 5pectrum comes from the daily struggle of putting down our smartphones to enjoy the most basic enjoyments in life. The rise of technology has caused addictions to electronics, where users feel the need to have gadgets within reach at all times. Loss of sleep, insufficient exercise, and lack of social interaction are just a few of the many problems that arise from the failure to resist temptation towards technology.

We are the 5olution. Using Raspberry Pi technology, we tag items such as smartphones, car keys, and other devices then utilize colour sensors . These items are then registered and tracked for usage. Users set start and end times where items must be within the sensor's range. If registered items are outside the sensor's range between the given times, an alarm goes off, pushing you to achieve a healthier balance. This solution can also be applied for item security, allowing users to be notified when valuables are removed from their place unknowingly.

The vision of 5pectrum is to encourage better habits towards technology and awareness of personal belongings. We see an infinite number of use cases and see our solution improving the lives of many across the world.

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