Utilizing street lights as a medium to conserve energy would be our hacks main idea.

Why not make use of the present street lights in efficiently conserving energy instead of the always talked about light automation, bio-fuel conservation etc was what we decided to convert into a prototype model. Initially all the street lights would remain at initial intensity and only when there is a vehicle or pedestrian movement they would increase their intensity to a maximum level thus highlighting a visible pathway for the movements.This would continue alternatively with the subsequent poles while the poles crosses would automatically dim back to the initial minimum. Now,the amount of energy that is saved here although seems to be miniscule but when considered for an entire street consisting of 10(say) street lights does contribute a lot towards the power conserved.

Amongst the key features that our hack has, the most important to mention is that the entire system can be easily implemented with the present street lights by making use of dimmers for the sodium vapour lamps to serve the purpose of either increasing or decreasing the intensity of light. Also we make use of ultra-sonic sensors to sense pedestrian or vehicle movements. The entire system is cost effective as well as for 10 street lights in a street ,we can make them smarter by just spending around 6k for the entire setup. We consider a couple of worst case scenarios where in the entire idea can be considered in 3 time frames as follows: a peak hour evening slot where in there is constant movement of vehicles, the next slot between 9pm to 12am where there is meager movement and we include a buffer time to facilitate sparse vehicle movement and then the early dawn slot from 12am to 6am where in the entire idea is effectively implemented. In case there are cross roads as well, the system wouldn't fail as the code is able to handle elements of fault tolerance.

We mainly want people of a society to realize the amount of energy that can be conserved and re-used by implementing this system in their locality inturn enabling the government to recognize the benefits and increase the economy.

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