The goal of 5k friday is to create a community around simple fitness. There's a lot of "mumbo jumbo" out there surrounding fitness. 5kfriday keeps it simple. This project is originally started as part of the Hackalong hack-a-thon put on by the twitch.com community of developers.




There are some wacky trends in the fitness industry. A simple internet search for advice on your fitness goals will yield a plethora of strange information. Some websites, youtube stars, and instagram models, want you to purchase their workouts or meal plans. Fitness does not need to be difficult or cost money! It can be as simple as running (or walking) a 5k every Friday. That's the goal of 5k friday. Social motivation for staying active. All that's required is completing a 5k every Friday and logging your results on 5kfriday.org.

Results Tracking

Quickly and easily track your 5kfriday times. Observe your progress over time and stay motivated! Gather achievements to display on your profile and and compete with your friends. Whether you're training for a marathon, trying to slim down for the summer, or bulking up to a physique Arnold himself would be proud of, a 5k every Friday is the perfect way to check-in with your fitness level.

Stay Social

Follow your friends on 5kfriday and watch them improve. Offer encouragement and stay motivated. Friends can share times, run logs, pictures, and more! Who in your network of friends will maintain the longest streak of Friday logs? There's only one way to find out. Start this week!

Technology Stack

The project uses a bunch of really cool packages:

  • Laravel PHP Framework
  • Bootstrap
  • Lavacharts
  • CKEditor for Laravel

What I learned

I had used laravel before but never played with an embedded editor like ckeditor. I've also never used lavacharts. I learned a lot about both of these things. It is always a pleasure to expand my web dev skills.

Next Steps

The goal is for the website to foster a community. I envision user profiles, commenting, and encouragement.

Thank You

Thank you for the opportunity and thanks for checking out my project.

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