Millions of IoT devices generate petabytes of data every day. Based on this data people and machines make their decisions.


  • If a device is compromised, the decision will be wrong
  • Blockchain is not limitless, and you can easily spoof it (fill it with unreliable data). BigChainDB via StaxAPI does not - check the source of data and creates transactions without any authorization
  • Not all IoT devices can transfer data directly to a server

What it does

Sign data from every device with Digital Signature

  • Blockchain will receive data only from whitelisted devices
  • Data consumer will be sure that data is legit
  • 5G devices are able to transfer data from other non-GSM IoT devices, such as Bluetooth or LPWAN; this is kind of mesh networking via 6LoWPAN.
  • Private key could be embedded into a sim card, and any IoT 5G will be a client of hashstaX nodes

How we built it

As a service that validates payload from devices and saves data into hashstaX only if a device is whitelisted, digital signature matches a device's public key and payload.

Challenges we ran into

NodeJs crypto libraries are not very compatible with Android crypto libraries, we had lots of struggle with matching the encryption algorithms.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Working MVP

What we learned

How different exponent looks compared with the modulus. =)

What's next for 5G IoT blockchain identity

3GPP approval.

Built With

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