The world's first 5G Powered accessible shopping experience. We capitalize on high speed bandwidth to bring a unique and power platform to the mobility and vision impaired. When our military veterans have a hard time getting to the mall to buy the basics, our technology saves them the trip. Our US Military Hero's can link to available personal shoppers in real time using 5G two way communication. Mobility disability effects 100% of the population at some point in their life. Whether its is dues to injuries sustained from military service, accidental broken bones, Cerebral Palsy, Muscular Dystrophy, Arthritis, dismemberment, or as a result of the human aging process. One thing is certain, we can not always count on the complete use and reliability of our Arms, Hands, Legs, and Feet.

What it does

We look at a way in order to give mobility challenged individuals with the ability to experience the world despite being bed ridden or home bound. By linking the high speed network capacity of 5G Shopper allows users to drop in on PROFESSIONAL shoppers who are physically located at retail store and businesses throughout the world.
The user can then direct the PERSONAL SHOPPER agent in one of two ways. Artificial Intelligence powered NLU and or Real-time 5G Video/Voice communications. Both communication systems take advantage of 5G capability either though Artificial Intelligence edge network applications in the cloud or with the use of high speed video and audio communications.

Users can see a list of available PERSONAL SHOPPERS , request to connect to the person, and then ask the person to help locate items / services in store on their behalf. The user no can shop and compare the PHYSICAL store while observing and shopping the online digital store at the same time.

Once the items have been identified either online or in the real world, these items / services can be added to a baskt or cart for easy check out and then be made ready for shipping or delivery.

Artificial Intelligence driven voice recognition and NLU addresses many people with PTSD , and mobility issues because it offers a way to interact without the need to talk with PERSONAL SHOPPERS.

How we built it

By leveraging the We utilized several tools and technologies in order to deliver a comprehensive end to end solution that introduces the gig-economy workers and users to 5G technology.

We started with a base neural network that utilizes platform agnostic NLU patterns , IBM watson , Alexa, Google Assist, and other to start a PERSONAL Shopping session. This code and neural network is proprietary and not part of the 5G HACK we built. We then linked new neural network functions to allow a new kind of search and discovery functionality utilizing our custom PYTHON nad Artificial Intelligence patterns.

We then linked this to a dynamic state machine that allows a cognitive understanding of the display and the available PERSONAL SHOPPERS who may be located at RETAIL stores and Restaurants.

Now using Natural Language the user can find a PERSONAL SHOPPERS at their desired store, request a shopping session and then link to that PERSONAL SHOPPERS using two way real-time 5G video and audio cast/chat on top of Mixed Reality Magic Leap headset. The real-time 5G will also work with arbitrary video streaming gear. Including cell phones, and other head mounted camera rigs.

Once the user has selected and connected to the 5G broadcasting PERSONAL SHOPPER(S) the user can communicate in one of many modes. 1] Full Ai and machine learning NLU via Alexa, Watson, Google, and Siri : 2] Real time 5G webcast video chat for 1st person perspective and full audio.

The PERSONAL SHOPPER will recommend or help user find the products they wish to purchase via web cast, then they will deliver or have the product shipped to buyer.

Challenges we ran into

One of the challenges was to get the real time two way 5G speed video to link at the request of the user in real time and then allow for simultaneous communication with both a real human being and an Ai at the same time. By building a series of custom Intent and commands that will be recognized for the Ai we were able maximize the edge network Ai capabilities and speed of communication afforded to our system from 5G.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Solutions that address both accessibility and 5G are of the highest importance. We need to make it possible for all to be given an opportunity and access to the same resources and experience as those who are most capable today. By making it possible for wounded Veterans to access new venues and experiences that were otherwise off limits and or impossible to ascertain we have empowered a who portion of the population and see our platform as a way to improve their quality of life.

What we learned

Some time amazing and powerful life changing solutions can be done elegantly and intuitively using readily available tools and technologies. It requires that we open or hearts and our minds to new possibilities of how we can engage those less fortunate than us in a manner that is respectful of their comfort zones and physical/mental limitations.

What's next for 5G Accessible Personal Shopper

We hope to seek partners and collaboration opportunities with major solution vendors in order to make this idea manifest for the millions of Americans who suffer from mobility issues today. By improving the quality of life for those around us, we can see ways on order to reach beyond the borders of the 1st world 5G systems we are fortunate to have access to today. To discover ways we can bring the help and support we take for granted today to the 3rd world.

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