We saw the constant need for an app that could connect 5C students with other students driving home/to the airport/daytrips/ target runs etc. Usually, this was done in an ineffective manner by posting on the 5C Facebook page and hoping to, by chance, find someone who was driving where you needed to go.

What it does

As a replacement for this method of communication, we decided to create an app. Our app allows for users to both offer rides and find people to drive them. If you are offering to drive, the user will input information such as how much it costs/seat, how many seats they have in their car, and what time they're leaving. Users that are looking for a ride can either browse through all available rides or narrow their search to find an exact match. The app will then allow the driver and passenger to communicate and arrange the details.

How I built it

We build our app using Swift (Mac OS Programming language). We used a combination of dictionaries, sorting, and for loops, as well as coding the user interface and graphics in order to create the app.

Challenges I ran into

Swift is not the easiest or most straightforward language to code in, and not being very familiar with Syntax, it was quite a struggle to code efficiently. Also, the XCode software for Mac gave us a lot of problems and unexpected error messages. It is very difficult to troubleshoot and the software was designed without runtime in mind.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

We figured out the basic user interface and had solid ideas for our code. We are also proud of our idea and our brainstorming process.

What I learned

We learned that sometimes everything goes wrong, but you can still have fun! Also, that Swift is the worst.

What's next for 5C Ride Share App

We will continue to work on it in order to eventually make a product that students can use.

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