The events scene at the Claremont Colleges is lively - so many talks, trips and gatherings are happening that it is hard to know where and when one should go. The existing sources of information are scattered and dependent on one's social network. We want to bring the community together by creating a platform where anyone and everyone could add their event and look up events that they otherwise would not have known about.

What it does

5C Events Compass is a protoype of a program that lists all the events of a given day. Our prototype helps students to find the events of their interest and add their own events to the 5C calendar.

How I built it

Started with a code for a social network project Used the code to get the basic interface Changed the functionalities of the elements to create the calendar Mostly used the GUI elements in Java

Challenges I ran into

To name a few: 1) how to create a background image that does not conflict with the other Swing elements 2) how to connect the events to the date 3) how to make it possible for the dates to be selected from the drop-down menu

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Finished product - the fact that our prototype looks complete (without errors, hopefully!) and can be developed further (see below).

What I learned

1) How to use various graphics elements in Java 2) Debugging 3) New Swing elements in Java

What's next for 5C Events Compass

We have plenty of ideas how to make this project applicable to a large community such as the Claremont Colleges:

Adding tags/labels to every event, so that students can look them up/ find the events of their interest more easily Organizing the events in chronological order Adding feature "My Calendar" where students can save an event that they are interested in, and create a reminder email Connecting the program to Facebook and enabling the information to be imported from a Facebook event page or vica versa

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