This art piece is inspired by the islamic patterns and futuristic design architecture. The concept for the project was to use AI technology to produce new hybrid architectural models, by combining images from various kinds of futuristic architecture, and various islamic patterns. We know that architecture and AI are increasingly working together to define and reinvent the future of architecture, and so we wanted to experiment with this visually.

What it does

Using GAN Style transfer, the model combines images of futuristic architecture as the base, and islamic patterns as the style, changing the surface of the architectural structures.

How I built it

This art piece was build using style transfer in python. Some images were worked on via photoshop first, and then applied to the AI GAN program.

Challenges I ran into

Generating new and unique ideas was the most challenging part of this project. We had many ideas, and then had to decide for one clear concept. Running the code in python specially with multiple epochs is time consuming - we experienced a lot of delay, probably also because the images are complex.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

The resulting images are quite beautiful. We also worked very well as a team.

What I learned

From the artistic side, we learned that sometimes our great ideas can be constrained by the limitations of the program, which has a very specific structure and method, and also by technicalities which have to be overcome in order to achieve good results.

What's next for 57_BYK

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We discussed several ideas, and decided to focus on Hybrid Architectures, inspired by Futuristic architecture, Islamic Patterns, and replacing progressive structures with sand.

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