Inspiration: Running and not being able to hear music, being spoken to after running with earbuds in and not being able to hear them.

How it works: Pulse uses geolocation and Pandora's music library give you a new way to listen to the music on the go. As your speed increases, music on low volume becomes more difficult to hear due to pounding steps and even wind. With Pulse, the volume increases to keep you listening to your great music and motivated to move.

Challenges I ran into: There are many, but serializing data into Azure was difficult, and I needed help from a mentor (Microsoft) to help organize my code and figure out what I needed to do.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of: Designing a logo, how far we've come

What I learned: Azure, using geolocation, reverse engineering, creating an API, importance of a team

What's next for Pulse: Porting to all devices, cross-platform, incorporation of other health/exercise monitoring devices,

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