Everybody is looking for product managers today but companies spend up to 6 months searching and on-boarding, and the cost of an incorrect hire reaches $300,000. That's a lot!

What it does

We grant an access to more than 2,500 qualified product managers you can target by industry, skills and location. Then you can see the selected profiles with theirs practical cases and not just resumes. Our main competitive advantage is an assessment model including hard and soft skills for 10 industries as well as psychological profile.

How we built it

It is based on a practical challenge, AI with 2,500 peer reviews and linguistic analysis. Such an approach reduces the cost of a mistake by 30%. How it works: we have 3 types of questions: radio buttons, practical challenge solutions and open psychological questions we use for linguistic analysis. We made it during this weekend and started testing with active users.

Challenges we ran into

The most difficult thing was to make the questions for the assessment and to combine it with AI peer reviews and linguistical analysis

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

We've finally made the assessment basis! Thanks a lot for this hackathon! Even with a short amount of time we've combined everything together and released this feature.

What I learned

We confirmed that the deadline mobilizes resources :)

What's next for 500talents

We'll continue to develop this assessment model to nail it with all the industries and grow our active users database.

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