What it does

50/50 is a website and an app in development that will give you the option of playing a game of "50/50" or a game of "Never Have I Ever". 50/50 send you to an address of either a good or bad restaurant near you. Never Have I Ever will provide you with dishes and cuisine choices and ask for those that you have not experienced. Then, Never Have I Ever will filter restaurants near you and send you to a random good restaurant that fits into one of the experiences you are missing out on!

How I built it

We used python for most of our logic and all of the API calls and django, css, html, and postgresql for the website design. Swift and xcode were used for the rough draft of the app.

Challenges I ran into

The biggest problem we ran into was the number of restaurants we receive from the API call which was only 10.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

We are proud of the foundation of a website and app that could be further developed in further detail.

What I learned

I am proudest of everything I learned about API, app development, and website development which is very encouraging and motivating for learning more about all of it.

What's next for 50/50

50/50 will have a fully working app which is not limited to a low number of restaurant calls. Additionally, the logic to find restaurants will be improved and the website will be better made with more of an appetizing form.

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